Premium Wolf Gun Oil & Cleaner

Gun cleaning and maintenance is one of the most vital parts of responsible gun ownership. When proper care and upkeep is utilized, a firearm can last a lifetime.

Wolf Premium Oils� new All-In-One Gun Oil and Cleaner is making sure that cleaning guns is no longer as time-consuming and laborious as it once was.

Wolf Premium Oils, based in Oklahoma, has vigorously tested their products to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. All of their oils and cleaners have tested well above average in both removing impurities from firearm surfaces and in lubricity, which measures how well a lubricant reduces friction and wear on a surface.

Another great thing about this company, whose products are 100% made in the USA, is the fact that they donate 10% of their profits to different charities every month and they accept suggestions for charities to support from customers. It is always great to see a company willing to give back.

I had the chance to speak with the founder of Wolf Premium Oils, Mike Wolf, and asked him a couple of questions about his product.

What sets your product apart from other gun cleaning oils on the market?
�The All-In-One Gun Oil & Cleaner uses an innovative cutting edge technology that isn�t currently being used on weapons.  Through extensive testing we have found that our product cleans deeper, increases lubricity, removes impurities from the metal surfaces, repels and removes moisture, protects from corrosion and maintains a cooler barrel temperature.�

What made you decide to start Wolf Premium Oils?
�I created Wolf Premium Oils to change the way that people care for their weapons.  I know that weapons are an investment and are handed down from generation to generation.  The importance of knowing your guns are protected from the inside out, will give you the peace of mind and confidence of your gun lasting a lifetime.  The All-In-One Gun Oil & Cleaner is just the beginning of what is to come for Wolf Premium Oils.  We have great new products coming in the fall that will continue to set a higher bar for oil and cleaning products not only in the weapon sector but in the mechanical, oil and gas industries.�

I also recently got the chance to try out Wolf Premium Oils� All-In-One Gun Oil and Cleaner for myself. After using the product to thoroughly clean a 9MM handgun, I came away impressed.

The first thing I noticed as I started the cleaning process was that noticeable lack of odor coming from the product. While every other gun cleaning product that I have used was accompanied by a strong smell, the All-In-One Gun Oil and Cleaner had a very hard to detect odor.

There was no noticeable cloud of fumes that some other gun cleaning products can produce. Although proper ventilation is always recommended when cleaning firearms, I would feel comfortable using this product in a less than ventilated area.

I proceeded to field strip the gun I used for testing this product, assembled my cleaning rod and attached a cleaning patch to the jag. Wolf Premium Oils� All-In-One Gun Oil and Cleaner comes in a very convenient squeeze top bottle. The oil has a thick viscosity and the bottle prevents too much of the product from being applied to the patch. This is something that I look for and appreciate in cleaning solvents and oils. It is very easy to get too much solvent or oil onto a patch, and then into your gun, when using more watery products.

I squeezed a small drop on both sides of my cleaning patch and ran it through the barrel I was cleaning. The patch came out covered in fouling and residue. A quick look down the barrel revealed a very clean looking surface. I loaded up another dry patch and pushed it through the barrel. It came out dirty, but had less fouling than the first patch. I continued to run dry patches until they came out clean and was surprised when I stopped at four dry patches following the oiled patch.

In order to see if the barrel was truly clean or if it needed more oil instead, I ran another oil coated patch down the barrel. It came out with a small amount of fouling, but nothing compared to the first oiled patch. After running two more dry patches down the barrel with very little to no fouling present, I was satisfied that the barrel was clean and very pleased at the small pile of patches that I used.

After how well the All-In-One Gun Oil and Cleaner got rid of the barrel fouling in the gun, I was eager to see how it stacked up on the thicker grime that had built up on the inside of the handgun�s slide. I put another two drops of oil onto a patch and went to work. I was immediately impressed with the performance of the oil. With very little force, the oiled patch cut right through the grease and grime I wanted to clean, leaving behind a clean surface.

I had expected to use some elbow grease or at least a few more patches, but there was absolutely no need for that.

I quickly finished cleaning all the fouled surfaces of the gun and was ready to start lightly oiling the surfaces for lubrication and rust protection. Instead of reaching for a completely separate bottle, I once again put a couple small drops of the All-In-One Gun Oil and Cleaner onto a clean patch. Oiling all the metallic surfaces of the gun was a breeze. I was not left with too much oil anywhere as the product spread evenly with very little effort.

After reassembling the gun, I glanced at my workbench and could not have been more pleased at the small pile of used patches that were waiting to be discarded. The lack of a cloud of fumes was also a pleasant departure from my usual gun cleaning aftermath.



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